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Tips, guides and how-to’s for blind or visually impaired climbers and sight guides.

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For sighted climbers and instructors we have covered topics that should provide you with the confidence to work with a blind or visually impaired person. If you are visually impaired, knowing how you’d like to be guided on a wall will help you to train up your own sighted guide.

John holds on to a large climbing hold while wearing a blindfold

Understanding sight loss

Learn about the common causes of sight loss and how they can affect a person’s vision.

John walks on a pavement with his guide dog daisy.

Recognising canes and guide dogs

Do you know what red stripes on a person’s cane means? How can you spot a dual-trained guide dog?

A person is holding a another's elbow

Guiding a visually impaired person

Want to know how you can help a visually impaired person navigate around a climbing centre?

2 people standing on a steep incline. The guide is ahead and the blind person is holding onto their back pack.

Guiding in the outdoors

Heading to the crag? Tricky terrain can be a challenge. In this guide we provide a few tips to help make it easier.

Stood in front of a climbing wall, Lauren guides John's hands to a climbing hold.

How to sight guide in climbing

What is the best way you can direct a climber to a hold? How does sight guiding work?

Lauren and John each wear a headset with a microphone at an indoor climbing wall

Communication systems

Get the low-down on comms systems. Some stuff works. Some stuff doesn’t. In this guide we share all that we know.

A sight guide is holding a blind climber's hands in the air.

Route reading for VI climbers

Route reading is a great way to boost efficiency on climbs. In this guide we share a few techniques that work for visually impaired climbers.

A climber is on a steep competition wall and is reaching for a huge volume overhead.

Sight classifications in sport

In this guide we explain the different categories for visually impaired athletes and how to get a classification.

John wears a red helmet. His hearing aids are visible

Deafblind climbers

How can sight guiding work without verbal communication? Practical advice and tips for climbing with dual sensory loss.