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A man (John) is climbing a light coloured rock. He is wearing a red climbing helmet

We are so excited to introduce is our new website that aims to make climbing more accessible to visually impaired people. We will be sharing guides, tips and stories from the VI climbing world.

This project came about as a covid lockdown project. Together Lauren and John wanted to write a guide so that anybody with an interest in VI climbing could find the information they needed.

We quickly realised that a long word document, blog post or booklet wasn’t going to be an easy way to present the information to blind people. As a result, our web development journey began. Creating an accessible website isn’t that easy with our limited knowledge. We have been continually testing, updating and making sure it works as it should. If you find any accessibility issues please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to fix them.

We’d like to say a big thanks to SayYesMore, The BMC and Alpkit Foundation for supporting the project.

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By Tshirt-Twins

We're John and Lauren. We built this website to help make climbing more accessible to visually impaired people.

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